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201 From his obituary found in his sister's (Anna) scrapbook. Blaser, Christian (I0196)
202 From his obituary found in his sister's (Anna) scrapbook. Blaser, Christian (I0196)
203 From IAGenWeb Lyon County Genealogy

Ted was born October 8, 1909 at Oneida, Kansas. He attended Nemaha, Kansas school.

Ted moved to the Lester area in 1930. He hired out to many area farmers to hand pick ear corn. He recalls a â€Å“good dayâ€Â was picking one acre of corn!

Emma was born January 13, 1910. She attended a country school in Logan Township. She spent many of her youthful years helping mothers with young children and new babies.

Ted and Emma were married November 8. 1932,in Rock Rapids. The day of their wedding was highlighted by a blizzard which many people remember to this day.

Their first home was near Hills, Minnesota, but they moved to a farm southwest of Lester where they farmed and milked cows for many years. Ted and Emma retired and moved to Lester in 1972.

There were seven children born to this union:

Bob married Nancy Wysong, Lester, Iowa.

John,married Donna Moser, Mesa, Arizona.

Ernie married Sharon DeHaan, Indianapolis, Indiana.

Wayne married Dorothy Sabo (deceased), Mansfield, Ohio.

Pauline married Dave Teubel, Larchwood, Iowa.

Bill, married Erma Esslinger, Lester, Iowa.

Jim married Suzanne Miller, Lester, Iowa.

A special highlight since their retirement was being able to celebrate their 50th Anniversary in 1982. At this time Ted keeps busy doing woodworking and Emma enjoys baking, handwork and working for others. 
Gerber, Theodore Roosevelt (I0250)
AC Cemetery
DIED 10 NOV 1893

1860 Marion Township, Clayton Co., Iowa
1880 Marion Township, Clayton Co., Iowa

came to USA as a girl
Apostolic Cemetery near Bern, KS
BORN 19 OCT 1848
DIED 29 JUN 1926
SPOUSE John BAUMAN - her first cousin

Newspaper clipping:
Anna E. Bauman
Anna E. Bauman passed away at her home in the northwest part of town on Tuesday morning. Mrs. Bauman had been in failing health for some time but her condition was not serious until a few days ago. Mrs. Bauman reached the age of 7 yrs. She was born in Switzerland and came to this country when a girl. She was married to John Hix Bauman and they lived on a farm south of Bern until Mr. Bauman's death several years ago when she moved to Bern and has resided here since. Mrs. Marti lived with her since she moved to Bern. Funeral services will be held today at the German Apostolic church southeast of Bern and burial will be in the church cemetery nearby.

Burial: Apostolic Christian Cemetery near Bern, KS
Immigration: 1860 -"as a child" - age 12

3. i. IDA HELEN5 BAUMAN, b. August 24, 1893, Bern, KS; d. November 06, 1973, Ladysmith, Wisconsin.
ii. JOSEPH BAUMAN, b. January 30, 1869, Elgin, Fayette, Iowa, USA; d. September 28, 1869, Elgin, Fayette, Iowa, USA.

His grave stone lists father as Johann Baumann and Anna Baumgartner

"Geboren 30 Jan. 1869, Gestorben 28 Sept. 1869, Sohn von Joann & Anna"

4. iii. ADALINE BAUMAN, b. July 21, 1870, Elgin, Fayette, Iowa, USA; d. September 16, 1934, Bern, Nemaha, Kansas, USA - Heart attack in church.
5. iv. JOEL E. BAUMAN, b. October 10, 1873, Fayette, Elgin, Iowa; d. April 28, 1963, Manzanola, Otero, Colorado; Heart attack in his sleep.
6. v. LOUIS BAUMAN, b. March 05, 1875, or 1878; Elgin, Iowa aka Lewis; d. November 12, 1932, Odell, Wilbarger, TX. Heart attack.
7. vi. CHRIS BAUMAN, b. July 02, 1880, Elgin, IA; d. March 20, 1943, or Aug, 19, 1960; Nowata, Oklahoma - heart attack at home.
8. vii. MARY BAUMAN, b. January 28, 1884, Bern, Nemaha Co., Kansas; d. October 15, 1927, Sabetha, Nemaha Co, Kansas.
9. viii. GEORGE BAUMAN, b. March 09, 1887, Bern, Nemaha Co, KS; d. October 08, 1962, Rocky Ford, CO in St. Mary Corwin Hospital, Pueblo, Colorado.
ix. EDWARD BAUMAN, b. June 06, 1890, Bern, Nemaha, Kansas, USA; aka Ed; d. February 05, 1965, Manzannla, CO; m. (1) IDA GEWECKE, February 14, 1912; m. (2) ALMA JOHNSON, October 19, 1921; m. (3) ELSIE LEWIS, April 10, 1960.

Notes for IDA GEWECKE:
BORN 1891
DIED 20 OCT 1918

Notes for ELSIE LEWIS:
3 children

x. MAY SHALER5 BAUMAN, b. Abt. 1898, Kansas. adopted. 
Baumgartner, Anna Elizabeth (I5222)
Apostolic Christian Cemetery, near Berwick, Nemaha County, Kansas
(north of Sabetha).
NAME BAUMAN John S/O Christian & Maria
BORN 4 NOV 1845 BERNE, SWITZERLAND - name then as "Johann"
DIED 23 SEP 1917

1860 Marion Township, Clayton Co., Iowa
1870 Marion Township, Clayton Co., Iowa
1880 Marion Township, Clayton Co., Iowa
1900 Washington Township, Nemaha Co., Kansas
1910 Washington Township, Nemaha Co., Kansas

His wife was a member of the Apostolic Christian Church, but apparently he wasn't. They lived well into the woods, and visiting them by horse and carriage meant having to ford a creek.

He was employed by HIX co. as a salesman, hence the "Hix" to distinquish him. 
Bauman, Johann Hix (I5224)
206 From Markus Kaufman on 27 Apr 2013:

On your website, I found an entry of the farm Gratweidli in Escholzmatt. I have myself ancestors who were born in the Gratweidli. For a photobook of our family, we are looking for a photograph of the house Gratweidli. Today this house is not existing anymore and the fields are covered with forest. The current owner is Rosmarie Gerber from Aussergrat. Previously it was owned by a Gerber relative who lives in the US or Canada. He is 85 year old now. If you would have a photograph of this house Gratweidli, who was occupied still in the early 1950 there were still some walls but today nothing is left of this house.

Thank you very much for your help finding a photograph of the house Gratweidli in Escholzmatt, LU. It was occupied until 1920 by the Kaufmanns from the Kurüti (Churüti). Johann Kaufmann moved to the Gratweidli and raised his children there, one of them, Anton Kaufmann, was my grandfahter, he died in 1966.

Sincerely Yours
Markus Kaufmann 
Gerber, Ulrich (I0152)
207 from Mümpach at Gohl Zuercher, Alfred (I5435)
208 From Oneida, KS Heinen, Emma (I0011)
209 From Peter Gerber: When WW I started, the sons Camille and Oscar went to Switzerland (as they were still Swiss)in military service. Mathilde went to Basel for working. Their sisters stayed in Sennheim. But in January 1915 the whole family hat to flee and they went to a distand relative (the Kambly-family) in La Neuveville. They stayed at the Kamlbys until the son of Kambly, Paul Kambly had them to move to Trubschachen (a village near Langnau) where he had a bakery (the factory still exists: “Kambly Bisquits”). Btw: Paul Kambly II married a Gerber-descentent as his brother did, you have those two in your files. Christian Gerber (I0388) has had 7 children, a daughter Anna Elisabeth Gerber, 1858 – 1927, I2958 married 1876 Johannes Jakob. Two of their daughters, Emma und Hanna, married Oskar and Paul Kambly. Johann, Camille and the daugthers Elise and Aline worked in the Kambly factory. Family F26771
210 from Trubschachen Jakob, Johannes (I2959)
211 From: Brad Larkin
BIOGRAPHY: Emigrated to the U.S. with his family on the ship 'Desiree and Tully' from Hamburg Germany to New Orleans, LA.

BIOGRAPHY: Blöcker, Hinrich Chr, age 42, Farmer
Blöcker, Sophia, age 44
Blöcker, Christian, age 22
Blöcker, Heinrich Frdr, age 18
Blöcker, Hans Christian, age 15
Blöcker, Asmus, age 12
Blöcker, Jorgen Hinr, age 7
Blöcker, Johann, age 4
Blöcker, Hans Christian, age 1
Blöcker, C. H., age 37, Shoemaker

BIOGRAPHY: The "Traer Star-Clipper" (Fri., Feb. 7, 1958, Trier, Tama Co., IA) newspaper has the following from an interview with Herman F. Blocker. "My father, Asmus Blocker, a native of Germany, who left that country for a new life in the United States, crossed the ocean in a sailing vessel, the voyage requiring 30 days. The wind was against the crew much of the way. The seas were infested with pirate ships at that time. One took after the ship on which my father was a passenger. It had one more sail than the pirate ship and it got away, but not until it had been chased far out of its course - somewhere between Florida and Cuba. Some of the passengers and crew contacted cholera on the trip. Several died, and their bodies buried at sea." However, there were no deaths annotated for the Blöckers. 
Bloecker, Hinrich Christian (I3513)
212 Funeral Announcement

John DeHaan, age 78, of Hills, MN died Sunday at Royal C. Johnson Veterans Memorial Hospital in Sioux Falls, SD following an extended illness. Funeral services will be 10:00 AM Wednesday at Apostolic Christian Church in Lester, Iowa with the Church Ministers officiating. Burial will be in the church cemetery. Visitation will be 2979 PM Tuesday at the Apostolic Christian Fellowship Hall in Lester with the family present from 7979 PM. Roste Funeral Home of Rock Rapids is in charge of arrangements.

John DeHaan was born March 2, 1916 at Rock Rapids, Iowa the son of John and Mabel (Schlotfeldt) DeHann. He grew up and attended school near Rock Rapids. During World War II, John served his country in the United States Army Air Force, first stateside and later in the South Pacific.

On August 22, 1942 John was united in marriage to lone Moser at Dakota City, Nebraska. After their marriage John returned to active duty until receiving his honorable discharge on October 25, 1945. John and lone moved to Hills, Minnesota where they farmed for six years John then started his own construction company, DeHaan Construction, and did general construction until retiring in 1981. In February of 1994. he became ill and for the past several months has been in and out of the hospital. Last Sunday morning John died at the Royal C. Johnson Veterans Memorial Hospital in Sioux Falls at the age of seventy-eight.
Surviving are his wife of fifty one years, lone of Hills, Minnesota along with four children, Susan Vander Wolde and her husband Arlen of Valley Springs, South Dakota; Sharon Gerber and her husband, Ernest of Danville, Indiana; Tim DeHaan, and his wife, Lois of Hills, Minnesota and Shirlee DeHaan of Sioux Falls. Also surviving are sixteen grandchildren, two Great-grandchildren and one brother, Roy DeHaan and his wife, Alice of Inwood, Iowa. Preceding John in death were his parents, John and Mabel DeHaan and his stepfather, Ben Cutler. 
Dehaan, John (I0268)
213 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F0005
214 Gilbert purchased Ernst's Dairy farm near Oneida, KS. Family F0029
215 Grandmother of Karen Harris. Hushbeck, Irene (I26638)
216 Grandson, Robert Gangloff, lives in South Carolina Burkhalter, Rosina (I5339)

HABEGGER: Feeding into the Emme is a stream named Ilfis. It is on the hills and valleys that feed into this stream that the Habeggers lived. One kilometer from the village of Barau is a farm complex on a hill named Habegg. It is from this farm that we received our family name. In Switzerland each farm or farm complex has a name. The family or families living on that farm are known by the name of the farm. In the middle ages common people did not have family names. When distinctions needed to be made between persons, family names were added. The name of the farm they were living on frequently became the source of that name. Even today when a farmer goes to town he will frequently be called by the name of the farm rather than by his family name.

The name Habegg is a shortened form of Habichtegg which Hawk Ridge. The Habegg farm is on a hill rising from the valleys to the west and south. It is the shoulder of a higher hill named Riegenen. Hawks can be seen soring on the air currents coming from the valley to the west. The hawk is able to remain motionless by balancing on the upward moving breeze. It was probably from such a common sight that the hill was given its name. It is a place where hawks have been coming for centuries to hunt for rodents.

Habegger definition from the book "The History, Ancestry and Descendants of Peter Habegger and Elisabeth Lehman" by David L. Habegger 
Habegger, Anna (I0419)
218 Had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Lived in Thun. Died by the time the inheritance was separated. - Marianne Gerber, October 28, 2001 email Gerber, Ulrich (I0499)
219 Had 6 children. Family F1549
220 Had 7 children Family F1545
221 Had five children Family F1543
222 Had five children Family F1548
223 Had five children. Gerber, Michael (I26770)
224 Had two children Family F1546
225 handicapped - could not even write, so he was not given the farm. Gerber, Mathys (I0504)
226 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Kinghorn, Susan (I0034)
227 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Kinghorn, Anita (I0035)
228 Has two children - 23 Mar 2009 Kinghorn, Robert (I4133)
229 Has two children - 23 Mar 2009 Kinghorn, Trina (I4134)
230 He died at five years of age. Gerber, Christian (I19395)
231 He might have been christened in Wengen, Bern, Switzerland. Steiner, Ulrich (I19215)
232 He sold his farm to Ulrich for $60,000, which was worth 250,000 Swiss Francs at the time of his death. Adjusted for inflation, that is worth more than $2 million USD. He loaned out much money as there were many debt letters found at the time of his death. His wealth may have partially be due to him being an only child.

Built the Stöcklis at Giebel with meeting room for the church. He held the title of "steward of the poor" at the church.

His wife, a Gerber from the original Gerber house (Baumgarten), was known for her beauty. 
Gerber, Christian (I0388)
233 He was 2 1/2 years old when he died. Gerber, Friedrich (I19404)
234 He was a watchmaker. Chedel, Frederic (I19340)
235 He was actually christened in Hausen, Bern, Switzerland. The christening was then registered in Langnau. Gerber, Jakob (I19102)
236 He was actually christened in Sumiswald, Bern, Switzerland, as stated in the Langnau parish register (Kirchenbuch). The christening was then registered at Langnau.

K 8 Sumiswald page 139 
Siegenthaler, Johannes (I19201)
237 He was christened in Sumiswald, Bern, Switzerland (possibly 17 Oct 1699; his christening was registered in Langnau 22 Oct 1699. Steiner, Ulrich (I19226)
238 He was christened Julien Philippe Larcher. Larcher, Julian Philippe (I19338)
239 Her christening entry at Langnau stated that she was actually christened at Jegenstorf, Bern, Switzerland. Gerber, Elisabeth (I19035)
240 Her christening entry at Langnau states that she was actually christened in Bern, Bern, Switzerland. Gerber, Katharina (I19313)
241 Her christening entry in Langnau lists her as actually being christened in Ursenbach, Bern, Switzerland. The christening was then registered in Langnau. Siegenthaler, Anna (I5332)
242 Her correct christening date is 24 Nov 1622, not 14 Nov 1622 as is listed elsewhere. Blaser, Katharina (I5459)
243 Her correct surname could be "Barb." Bach, Katharina Barbara (I5699)
244 Her father might have been Johannes Roethlisberger, son of Christian. Roethlisberger, Anna Elisabeth (I19368)
245 Her first name might have been Margreth or Margarethe. Aeschlimann, Mrs. (I2442)
246 Her parents were Niklaus Frauchiger and Elsbeth Loosli. Frauchiger, Maria (I19114)
247 Her surname was also spelled Hauerter. Haueter, Katharina (I5518)
248 Her surname was also spelled Tchaboldt. Tschabold, Katharina (I2558)
249 Her surname was later spelled "Kipfer." Kuepfer, Anna (I5900)
250 Her surname was later spelled "Kipfer." Kuepfer, Katharina (I5913)

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