Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland

Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland



Latitude: 47.4491106, Longitude: 9.6028173


Walzenhausen Crest
Walzenhausen Crest
Crest of location Walzenhausen

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Walzenhausen Picture
Walzenhausen Picture
Location of Picture of Walzenhausen
Walzenhausen Photograph
Walzenhausen Photograph
Location Photograph of Walzenhausen
Walzenhausen Embroidery
Walzenhausen Embroidery
Walzenhausen is famous for its embroidery. This drawing is of a group of ladies from Walzenhausen engaged in the local trade of embroidery.


Matches 1 to 21 of 21

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dutler, Anna Magdalena  12 Jul 1780Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2116
2 Kellenberger, Anna Barbara  21 Jan 1826Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2108
3 Kellenberger, Anna Cathrina  24 May 1841Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I25432
4 Kellenberger, Anna Cathrina  18 Dec 1854Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I1598
5 Kellenberger, Anna Martha  10 Jun 1864Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2352
6 Kellenberger, Anna Ursula  11 Feb 1824Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2107
7 Kellenberger, Barbara Elsbetha  22 May 1822Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2109
8 Kellenberger, Christian David  16 Mar 1789Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2105
9 Kellenberger, Christian David  16 Dec 1827Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I0311
10 Kellenberger, Christian David  24 Mar 1856Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I0309
11 Kellenberger, Christina  21 Sep 1859Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I0306
12 Kellenberger, Daniel  29 Mar 1861Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I0303
13 Kellenberger, Johann Heinrich  6 Mar 1829Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2110
14 Kellenberger, Magdalena  19 Apr 1865Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20367
15 Kellenberger, Martha  8 Jun 1870Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I0302
16 Kellenberger, Samuel  6 Feb 1852Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20356
17 Kellenberger, Samuel Gottlieb  12 Apr 1858Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I0308
18 Sonderegger, Johann Jacob  8 May 1863Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20370
19 Sonderegger, Johannes  18 Oct 1827Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20368
20 Sonderegger, Johannes  17 Jul 1859Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20369
21 Tobler, Johann Kaspar  23 Jan 1776Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2117


Matches 1 to 11 of 11

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Dutler, Anna Magdalena  29 Jan 1842Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2116
2 Kellenberger, Anna Barbara  26 May 1863Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2108
3 Kellenberger, Anna Martha  6 Nov 1867Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2352
4 Kellenberger, Christian David  31 Mar 1871Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2105
5 Kellenberger, Daniel  4 Jul 1864Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I0303
6 Kellenberger, Magdalena  19 Apr 1865Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20367
7 Sonderegger, Johann Jacob  28 May 1863Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20370
8 Sonderegger, Johannes  2 Apr 1905Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20368
9 Sonderegger, Johannes  2 Apr 1941Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I20369
10 Tobler, Elsbetha  15 Nov 1842Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2106
11 Tobler, Johann Kaspar  1 Jul 1834Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland I2117


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kellenberger / Kellenberger  27 May 1850Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland F5036
2 Kellenberger / Meier  22 Feb 1771Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland F0704
3 Kellenberger / Tobler  11 Jul 1820Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland F0151
4 Kellenberger / Tobler  24 Jan 1853Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland F4654
5 Kellenberger / Tobler  19 Oct 1857Walzenhausen, Appenzell, Switzerland F0147